Transportation & Land Use




Every 3rd Monday each month 7:30pm
at Vicinato, 4605 NE Fremont.

The purpose of the Transportation and Land Use Committee is to maintain and enhance our village identity by promoting both our strong residential character and our thriving business community. We will do this by collaborating and communicating, in a timely manner, with residents and businesses and by providing information and advice to the neighborhood association and its board of directors.


As the Beaumont Wilshire area continues to be one of Portland's great neighborhoods, these are some of the issues and challenges the Transportation & Land Use committee is dealing with:

  • The speed of cars along NE Fremont is a concern to pedestrians
  • The lack of stop signs in the neighborhood is of concern to residents near accident-prone intersections
  • There is a momentum to explore the options for the Beaumont wilshire neighborhood planning document.

Current Issues

Rose City Cemetery

Download 68-page file

The Rose City Cemetery has decided to withdraw their application for compensation under Measure 37. Information related to their Measure 37 claim is included in this .pdf document. Also, they have initiated discussions with the City of Portland planning bureau about developing a master plan for the site. It appears that it is required that the master plan needs to be completed prior to any significant development within the Cemetery grounds. The most recent land use review document (October 22, 2002) for the Cemetery is also included with this document. Members of the transportation and land use committee intend to meet with the Cemetery managers to discuss their intentions for future development.


Skinny Lot development

Download Case File Number: LU 07-105025 AD

Download Roseway Neighborhood Appeal Statement

Download BWNA support letter (D. Whitaker, Chair)

A letter of support for an appeal that the Roseway Neighborhood Association has submitted to the City of Portland for a skinny lot development application. The proposed house would be constructed on a small (50’x50’) lot. The applicant has requested to shrink the already small required 12’x12’ outdoor area to an area that is only 10 feet wide. A portion of this outdoor area is covered by a 2 nd story deck so it is not really usable. Roseway feels that this would set a precedent for these skinny lot developers to chink away at the required sizes for outdoor space on these small lots.


Changes along Fremont

Download Portland Tribune article (Aug 1, 2006)>>

"Fremont Neighbors roll with Changes" by Jim Redden.
Street fair goes on while Beaumont Wilshire tackles the pressures of popularity.


Fremont Street Transportation and Parking Study

Download Questionnaire Results >>
(26-pages pdf)

During the two open houses that the City of Portland had in January to present plans related to the Fremont Street Transportation and Parking Study they received 73 completed questionnaires out of the 132 people who attended the open house events.  The attached document provides an excellent summary of the results from the questionnaire. 


Traffic Study Results

Download Traffic Study >>
(1-page pdf)

The City of Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT) completed a traffic study at six locations within the Beaumont Wilshire neighborhood on January 5, 2005.  They measured both the speed of the vehicles and the number of vehicles that passed the study location within a 24 hour period.  The following are the results from the study.  Will Stevens from PDOT will attend the Transportation and Land use Committee meeting on Monday, April 18th to discuss the study results. 


Fremont Main Street Study Request List

Download Fremont Study Request List >>
(3-page pdf)

A list of our issues and ideas that BWNA Transpotation a& Land Use Committee would like to have addressed during the Fremont Main Street Study process.

To: Debbie Bishoff/City of Portland-Bureau of Planning NE District Liaison From: Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Association – Transportation and Land Use Committee
Subject: Request for improvements within the Fremont Main Street Study Corridor



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BWNA Map & Boundaries

NE Alberta Ct. & NE Prescott

NE Morris, Stanton, & Wisteria

NE 47th

NE 33rd

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Boundaries & Adjacent Neighborhoods

Concordia & Cully

Grant Park

Cully & Rose City Park


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