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Delayed newsletter

Sent November 8th 2016

Delayed newsletter Neighbors,Our printer experienced some equipment problems, therefore the BWNA newsletter will be delayed getting to the distribution volunteers and may not reach individual resident's homes until near end of month.Remember the on line version is available at our web site  www.bwna.usJohn Sandie ...

Grant High Project Presentation

Sent November 3rd 2016

Grant High Project Presentation Fellow neighbors,Grant Park Neighborhood Assoc asked me to pass this along..On Tuesday, November 15, Grant Park Neighborhood Association will host a presentation by Portland Public Schools and Mahlum Architects, their design firm, concerning the new Grant High School. I am writing to invite you and your neighborhoods (Sullivan’s Gulch, Irvington, Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire, and Rose City Park) to attend the meeting, which will commence at 7 p.m. at Grant Park Church, 2728 NE 3...

Compatible development presentation

Sent October 6th 2016

Compatible development presentation I thought this event might be of interest to many Beaumont Wilshire neighbors.John SandieBWNA President_Portland Together_ is pleased to announce a presentation and conversation with Nore Winter titled* Compatibility Matters: Lessons from around the Country on Compatible Infill. **T**he event is scheduled for October 17, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm *at the Main Event Room (142/144) at ...

Oct 10th General meeting

Sent October 3rd 2016

Oct 10th General meeting Just quick reminder of the Oct 10th Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Assoc meeting, 7:00 pm at Bethany Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall.( 37th and Skidmore)Agenda includes:Discussion on recent changes in historical preservation by Brandon Spencer-Hartle of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.Recent issues with Airbnb in neighborhoodUp-date on Residential Infill Project and up coming City Council hearings on  significant residential zoning changes.John Sandie BWNA President ...

Up-coming events

Sent September 8th 2016

Up-coming events Couple of events that may be of interest:Sat. Sept 10th -   Block Party at NE Community Center,  5:30 to 7:30                            Tony Starlight music                             bring canned food for Oregon F...

Tuesday picnic

Sent July 31st 2016

Tuesday picnic Hi all,Just a last reminder of the Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood NNO picnic on Tuesday evening - 6:30 pm at Wilshire Park.   Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and cold beverages supplied by BWNA, bring a dish to pass.  Kids games, entertainment and prize raffle will add to the enjoyment.John Sandie BNWA President ...

NNO picnic, Aug 2nd

Sent July 25th 2016

NNO picnic, Aug 2nd Beaumont Wilshire neighbors, This is a friendly reminder of the annual National Night Out picnic, this coming Tuesday, Aug 2nd, at Wilshire Park.  BWNA will provide grilled hamburgers, dogs and veggie burgers, all we ask is for attendees to bring a dish to add to potluck buffet table.  There will be kids games, musical entertainment,a prize raffle and hopefully visits from fire and police dept units.  Food service begins at 6:30, so arrive a few minutes early with your food dish...

Movie in the Park cancelled

Sent July 8th 2016

Movie in the Park cancelled PP&R has cancelled tonight's Movie in the Park due to weather forecast, unfortunately they are unable to reschedule this event..John SandieBWNA President ...

Alameda stairs planting

Sent July 7th 2016

Alameda stairs planting It has been a while since I've used the Alameda stairs at 44th (I usually use the ones closer to 41st) and I just noticed the beautiful landscaping improvements and was happy to see all the native plants doing so well! I read the signs and realized it was the B-W association who made it happen.Thank you to all of the volunteers for creating a lovely little slice of habitat for wildlife and to those who spearheaded the idea and saw it through.  It brought a smile to my face on my walk home ...

June 13th BWNA General meeting

Sent June 11th 2016

June 13th BWNA General meeting Fellow neighbors,This is a reminder that BWNA will hold its regularly scheduled general meeting this Monday at 7:00 pm at the Bethany Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, corner of Skidmore and NE 37th.Nan Stark, our NE Portland representative from BPS, will be there to discuss the City Comp Plan, also other key pending land use proposals  that have large potential impact on single family residential zoning and development will be discussed.Regards,John SandieBWNA Preside...

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