Grant High Project Presentation

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Subject: Grant High Project Presentation
Date: November 3rd 2016

Fellow neighbors,

Grant Park Neighborhood Assoc asked me to pass this along..

On Tuesday, November 15, Grant Park Neighborhood Association will host a presentation by Portland Public Schools and Mahlum Architects, their design firm, concerning the new Grant High School. I am writing to invite you and your neighborhoods (Sullivan’s Gulch, Irvington, Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire, and Rose City Park) to attend the meeting, which will commence at 7 p.m. at Grant Park Church, 2728 NE 34th Ave, Portland, OR  97212. The church is on the corner of Knott Street and NE 34th. PPS estimates the presentation will last about a half hour, and will include visual depictions of the proposed new school and grounds.

John Sandie
President BWNA

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