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Joining & submitting work to Artspace

Beaumont Artspace is open to artists in Beaumont Wilshire and adjoining neighborhoods. Meetings are occasionally held at 1:00 PM on the second Sunday of a month at members' homes. The purpose of meetings is to foster a sense of community, exchange ideas and plan group shows. Membership is free.


How to join and submit images to Artspace

A. Attend a monthly meeting to find out more about Artspace.

B. If you decide to join Artspace, submit your images for the website as follows:

1. Email as attachments 8 to12 images of your artwork to:

Your images should be in jpeg format at least 200kb and at least 600 pixels height and 600 pixels wide. Larger file size is better.

2. Send with the image the following: title, media and size in inches. Indicate which title goes with which image.

3. For potential buyers to contact you provide: name, phone and/or email.

If you have further questions call Mario 503-778-0881.

When submitting new images to replace your old set, send at least 8 new images. Same guidelines as above. A new page will be replace the old one.